Whether you want to preserve the memories of a special event, chronicle a personal or family history, star in a fictional adventure, or handsomely feature your product or business, the skilled photography and design team at JSP Visuals can create the perfect book for you.

Our books are constructed with high quality materials that will endure the passing of time. Pages are liquid laminated and acid-free to deliver the highest levels of UV protection and fight against deterioration. In order to prevent warping that can occur when moisture builds up over time, each page is constructed with genuine photographic paper flush mounted onto lightweight but strong acrylic boards. Hinges are fixed with secure metallic tape, and the spine is tightly compressed and stitched for greater durability and strength. We offer leatherette, acrylic, and various types of leather (e.g., cow hide, crocodile, ostrich) book covers that deliver an unparalleled feeling of luxury and elegance while exhibiting superior properties of strength, durability, and ease of care.

Perfect for the home or office, our books are truly a work of art that will endure the test of time and can be passed on for generations.

Portfolio Books

As business owners, we understand that second only to the importance of a quality product is presentation. With our Portfolio Books, companies can both elegantly and conveniently display their line of merchandise or materials for prospective clientele.

By capturing distinct and beautiful images of your product, our photography team can help shape and support your brand. We encourage collaboration with our graphic designers in order to create a look and feel for your Portfolio Book that best expresses your company’s vision.

Memory Books

We believe every life is worth recording and our Memory Books are the perfect way to preserve your life experience. In order to create a book that is biographically and artistically representative, our graphic designers sit down with the client to discuss different features to include such as cultural heritages, historical contexts, personal or professional achievements, treasured possessions, or beloved memories.

Using photos, keepsakes, letters, etc., our experienced graphic designers create a layout for the book that tells the story of our client’s life. Working in conjunction with the graphic designers through the entire design process, the client can contribute creative input and maintains final approval on the finished layout.

Story Books

At one time or another, everyone has imagined being the lead in their own story be it a forbidden romance, an action adventure or a humorous parody. JSP Visuals can make your dream come to life with Story Books.

Clients meet with our highly skilled photographers to collaborate on a creative direction for the shoot. From concepting and story boarding to location scouting to wardrobe and props, we give clients the star treatment every step of the way. Following the shoot our graphic designers review their images with the client to plan a Story book layout. Feedback and input from clients are welcomed and encouraged

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