As a boy Philippe spent hours hidden in his bedroom poring over Marvel comic books, captivated by the illustrations. Techniques such as wide angle shots, depth of field, and shadowing seemed to bring the superheroes and their adventures to life. This early fascination with perspective and lighting informed and developed his eye for image composition and detail.

Growing up on four continents and being multilingual has significantly influenced Philippe’s perspective on the world and photography; “Beauty can arise anywhere and in anything. From comic books to vintage black and white films to classic paintings found in museums, I am inspired by everything.”

In 2000, Philippe and his wife, Soojin, launched the JSP Group, a breakthrough company offering an array of high-end services including photography, videography, and in-house graphic design and book binding. Past clients include Vera Wang, Baracci Beverly Hills, the Ritz~Carlton, and Grace Ormonde.

The company has since flourished into a comprehensive production company collaborating on projects including an editorial shoot for Architectural Digest, video trailer and product photography for Ubisoft’s “Rocksmith” video game, fashion show for Robert Shapiro and designer Baracci of Beverly Hills, a photography and video documentary for the international conference, Silicon Valley Comes to Malaysia, and a narrative product shoot contracted by the government for AEGIS Defense.

Philippe has a bold, cinematic, and fashion-inspired style that draws out the beauty and drama of his subjects. His strong eye for composition and keen sense of lighting brings his photography to life, much like the comic book illustrations of his childhood.

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